A Word from the Pastor

June 2020


Summer is here. For many, this is an occasion to get back into the fields, do summer chores, vacations, and other things associated with summer activities. But not everything will be the “usual”. There has been discussion that many summer camps will not be open. Attendance at many of our national parks is expected to be down. Tourist spots are expected to see a decrease in business this year. Will that be? All we can do is wait and see who this turns out.

Often, we do make our plans and things do not always come about the way we would expect. There are times, things happen that we would not have expected even in our wildest dreams!

Look at the salvation we have in Christ Jesus. Who would have ever thought God would personally step into our world, to rescue and save us from Sin, death, and everlasting condemnation? Perhaps not in our wildest dreams-and yet that is what God did!

This year, we are on the rebound from the impact of the virus, quarantines, stay-at-home orders, and all kinds of other precautions. Some anticipate the virus disappearing, others focus on a resurgence. But no matter what happens, our guarantee is that no matter what happens we are in the Lord’s hands-and that is a good pace to be!

In His Service,







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