A Word from the Pastor

December 2020


As we wind down the year, we can confidently say that this has been a “unique” year.  Numerous states/jurisdictions have place limits on church attendance or even on worship itself.  Perhaps this is a good opportunity to reassess our understanding of what the “church” is.

US Representative Kevin McCarthy contacted his state over why churches could not be open but strip clubs, marijuana distribution centers, etc could be.  The response from his state was that the church was “not essential”.  Compare this with our President who clearly indicated that if we need prayer at any time in our nation’s history-this is NOW, and the church is on the front lines for this.

So, who do we see the church?  If simply a social club, or another civic organization, then we may conclude non essential.  And the localities would be correct in imposing restrictions/shutting down.  If we see it as the place where God’s Word is preached, we cannot see it but as being essential (take a look at Abraham and the discussion over the cities of plain-if only “ten righteous persons were to be found”)  God was willing to spare the cities for the sake of the believers, but we know how this turned out.  Consider how God preserves our world for the sake of the church.   

In His Service,







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