A Word from the Pastor

April 2021


What’s Next?  That is a good question.  We went through the cycle from Advent thru Holy Week and celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus from the grave.  How can one top that?  Can we?

We may desire to something better.  We are ingrained with the idea we always have to be on top of things, to do one thing better, if not better than the next person, at least top what our latest accomplishment was.

If I scored 10 points in the game, I will now want to do 20; if I jogged 5 miles, I may want to now do 10.  If I were to scale K2 or Mount Everest, I may now want to tackled the next highest mountain peak…but wait…is there one above that? 

No, I cannot top Mount Everest because that is the highest mountain in the world…I can’t top that.  And thus, it is with the Resurrection.  We cannot top that, that is the ultimate…that is the ultimate that guarantees and reassures to us of the forgiveness of our sin.  Nothing more can do that.

We often are not content, but what Jesus did is above and beyond what we can imagine.  We can rest in His accomplishment, and considering He did it all for our benefit!

In His Service,







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