“Saxon Visitation Articles”

In the early days of the Lutheran (“Evangelical”) Church, it was important that the message be consistent.  Early on, there were various extremes, and not all were beneficial.  Thus, a series of articles were used by which the church would be judged as in accordance with Scripture. “Visitors” would go throughout the empire to check on the teachings of the church in their locale.  The measure that was used were surely in accord with Scripture and likewise relevant to today.

Article IV


Predestination and Eternal Providence of God


The pure and true doctrine of our churches on this article concerning this article:

  • Christ has died for all people, and, as the Lamb of God, has borne the sins of the whole world.
  • God created no one for condemnation, but want all people to be saved, and to come to the knowledge of the truth. Therefore, He commands all to hear His Son Christ in the Gospel.  Buy the Gospel He promises the power and working of the Holy Spirit for conversion and salvation.
  • Many people are condemned by their own guilt who are either unwilling to hear the Gospel of Christ or later fall from grace. This happens either by error against the foundation of grace or by sins against conscience.
  • All sinners who repent are received into grace, and no one is excluded, even though his sins were as scarlet. For God’s mercy is much greater than the sins of all the world, and God has compassion on all His Works.