“Saxon Visitation Articles”

In the early days of the Lutheran (“Evangelical”) Church, it was important that the message be consistent.  Early on, there were various extremes, and not all were beneficial.  Thus, a series of articles were used by which the church would be judged as in accordance with Scripture. “Visitors” would go throughout the empire to check on the teachings of the church in their locale.  The measure that was used were surely in accord with Scripture and likewise relevant to today.

Article I


The Holy Supper

The pure and true doctrine of our churches concerning the Holy Supper:

  • The words of Christ, “Take, eat, this is My body; drink, this is My blood” are to understood simply and according to the letter, as they read.
  • In the Sacrament there are two things that are given and received with each other: one earthly, which is the bread and the wine; and one heavenly, which is the body and blood of Christ.
  • This giving and receiving occurs here on earth, and not above in heaven.
  • The body and blood of Christ are received not only by faith spiritually, which can also occur outside of the Supper but here with the bread and wine orally. Yet this happens in an unexplainable and supernatural way, as a pledge and assurance of the resurrection of our bodies from the dead.
  • The oral partaking of the body and blood of Christ is done not only by the worthy, but also by the unworthy, who approach without repentance and true faith. Nevertheless, this leads to a different result: by the worthy for salvation, by the unworthy for judgment.