In the Gospel of John, the account is recorded when Jesus fed 
the five thousand with a few loaves and fish. Later in the chapter,
he uses this to explain how He is the “Bread of Life” in Luther’s
Works: Vol 23: Sermons on the Gospel of John come these
excerpts from Dr Luther’s sermons:
(the verse that is referenced is before the quote)

45-46: “When you delight in occupying yourself with the Word, when you read it, hear it preached, and love it, the time will soon come when you will confess that God Himself uttered these words, and you will exclaim: ‘This is truly the Word of God!’”

45-46: “If you believe His Word, fully assured that He had spoken it, then you have learned it from Him, and you are a true pupil of Christ, drawn by God.
And then this presents an exceedingly sweet message.”

51: “Thus it happens that one is lost if one does not remain with Christ. Therefore heed God’s Word about the Son; remain faithful to it, and then it is yours. Without it you are lost.”

51: “We are called Christians because we believe in Christ,
regard Him as God and as true man, and do not seek anything more.”

52: “…if you want to escape hell, sin, God’s wrath, and the law, do not bank on your works.”

65: “It is no small power to despair of one’s strength
and to find comfort solely in the full mercy and might of God.”